Introduction to C Programming

In this c Programming Tutorial, we learn basics of c language which help beginners in c language. We cover following Topics.

C programming might be a broadly useful, procedural, basic programming language created in 1972 by Dennis M. Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories to develop the UNIX OS.

C is that the most generally used computer-oriented language. It keeps fluctuating at favorite scale of recognition along side Java programing language, which is additionally equally popular and most generally used among modern software programmers.

Why to Learn C Programming?

C programing language may be a MUST for college kids and dealing professionals to become an excellent programmer specially once they are working in Software Development Domain.

i will be able to list down a number of the key advantages of learning C Programming:

  • Easy to Learn

  • Structured language

  • It produces efficient programs

  • It can handle low-level activities

  • It are often compiled on a spread of computer platforms

Facts about C

  • C was invented to write down an OS called UNIX.

  • C may be a successor of B language which was introduced round the early 1970s.

  • The language was formalized in 1988 by the ANSI-American National Standard Institute.

  • The UNIX OS was totally written in C.

  • Today C is that the most generally used and popular System programing language.

  • Most of the state-of-the-art software are implemented using C.

  • Today's hottest Linux OS and RDBMS MySQL are written in C.

Hello World Program using C Programming.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
/* my first program in C */
printf("Hello, World! \n");

return 0;


Features of C Programming Language:

  • Reliability

  • Portability

  • Flexibility

  • Interactivity

  • Modularity

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

Applications of C Programming

C was at first utilized for framework advancement work, especially the projects that make-up the OS.

C was embraced as a framework advancement language since it produces code that runs almost as quick on the grounds that the code sent in programming language.

Some samples of the utilization of C are -

  • Operating Systems

  • Language Compilers

  • Assemblers

  • Text Editors

  • Print Spoolers

  • Network Drivers

  • Modern Programs

  • Databases

  • Language Interpreters

  • Utilities


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